Our Mission

We aim to improve the quality of life and increase academic achievement for students by introducing social and emotional learning curriculum and techniques in the classroom.

Why SEL?

A positive social-emotional classroom climate meets basic developmental needs for caring & supportive relationships coupled with the experience that their opinions count and are respected. Students become motivated to learn & feel safe to engage with more challenging academic tasks. In turn, students are more receptive to teachers’ instructions & expectations, further fostering a classroom environment that is conducive to high quality learning and organization.

Emotional Intelligence Is Said To

involve the ability to perceive and accurately express emotion, to use emotion to facilitate thought, to understand emotions, and to manage emotions for emotional growth.  This is achieved by re-conceptualizing the relationship between reason and emotion.

Emotional Intelligence Involves

the capacity to carry out reasoning in regard to emotions, and the capacity of emotions to enhance reasoning. School success requires the ability to regulate emotions associated with social interactions and achievement-related experiences.

Many Classroom Environments

fail to engage students academically, leave learning potential untapped, and provide little structured opportunity for building pro-social skills. In the worst cases, student-teacher conflict and peer bullying are high and academic failure common.

Achieving Challenging Goals

requires willingness to control impulses and work hard, as well as the ability to manage emotions associated with goal pursuit.  SEL programs are designed to complement existing school curricula by teaching the social and emotional skills that contribute to better social and emotional adjustment and higher academic achievement.